Published On: Sun, Dec 4th, 2011

Husband and Wife Jokes | Patni : Agar mein Mar jaoon …

Patni: Agar mein mar jaon to tum dubara shaadi karoge?

Pati: Bilkul nahi.

Patni: Mujhe yakeen hai tum dubara shaadi karoge.

Pati: Ok, mein shaadi karunga.

Patni: Kya tum usko hamare bed pe sulaoge?

Pati: Yes.

Patni: Kya tum meri jeans usko dalne doge?

Pati: Nahi, Voh tumhare se lambi hai.


Wife: (standing in front of mirror) I am fat, old, wrinkled and no longer pretty. Will you still give me a compliment?

Funny Husband: Your eye sight is still excellent !

Husband: Honey, I invited a friend home for dinner.

Wife: What? Are you crazy? The house is a mess, all the dishes are dirty, and I can’t cook meal.

Funny Husband: I know all that.

Wife: Then why did you invite the friend?

Funny Husband: Because the poor fool is thinking about getting married.


Husband: Today is Sunday & I have to enjoy it. So I bought 3 movie tickets.

English Wife: Why three?

Annoyed Husband: For you and your parents.


English Wife: Look a thief has entered our kitchen and he is eating the cake I prepared.

Funny Husband: Whom should I call now, Police or  Ambulance…?!


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