Published On: Wed, Jan 4th, 2012

‘Desi Atm’ Funny Indian Commercials Ads Center Fruit Kaise Jeebh Laplapayi

Description/ Specification of Center Fruit Chewing Gum

Center Fruit Chewing Gum was launched in the year 2006 as India’s first ever fruit-flavored liquid-filled gum. It was launched with 2 tantalizing flavors – Tutti Fruity and Grape. Initially, it rode on the strong equity of Center Fresh but over the years, the brand has carved a niche for itself and is one of the fastest growing brands in Perfetti Van Melle portfolio today.In addition to Tuttii Fruity and Grape, the brand has added 3 more delicious flavors – Peach, Strawberry and Watermelon.

Center Fruit is positioned on irresistibility and has been making tongues wag for over 4 years now with its unique fruit flavors, a splash of liquid bursting in the mouth and an everlasting essence of your favorite fruits. No wonder then that consumers all over the country go “Kaisi jeebh laplapayee”.

Mast Funny Ad by Centre Fruit you will love it .

funny Indian Ads and commercials Centre fruit chewing gum kaise jeeb laplapaye

A man drives to forest to visit one Raju Bank. He finds a…A man drives to forest to visit one Raju Bank. He finds a……South Indian old man sitting outside acting as the caretaker of the bank.The old man asks him to insert his ATM card and press the amount written on the board.As our man does that, the old man opens a small opening in the wall revealing a……man tied to the chair looking upwards. The old man pulls a lever-type thing and we……see the fellow moving his tongue in fast motion to push out the notes like an ATM.

In the next shot we see a Center Fruit chewing gum hanging in the air, seeing which he moves……his tongue. The old man pulls back the lever and the chewing gum starts rising upwards.Seeing it going up the man stops moving his tongue. VO: “Center Fruit. Kaisi jeebh laplapayee.”

Center Fruit jugalbandi between a tabalchi and a vocalist

Brand: Centre Fruit
Product: Chewing Gum
Medium: TVC
Agency: Ogilvy and Mather

We have a jugalbandi between a tabalchi and a vocalist, where the tabalchi is able to duplicate the vocalist’s skill through his tabla beats. But then the vocalist suddenly looks in the distance and begins lapping his tongue in a kind of tone that the tabalchi cannot replicate and the vocalist’s followers are quick to declare him a winner. Its only then that we see someone carrying a hoarding for Centre Fruit in the distance. Added are  interesting touches like the Tabalchi combing his hair and the vocalist’s supporters declaring him winner before anyone could react, make the TVC fun.

Behind the scenes:
To give this an authentic small town flavour, the commercial was shot in a temple compound at Wai, a small town near Pune.

Center Fruit is is a liquid filled gum and it stands for ‘irresistable taste’. The ‘irresistable taste’ is captured very well in the baseline, ‘kaisee jeebh laplapaayee’. Post the initial commercial of ‘Phone booth’ and the subsequent ‘ATM’ commercial aired in 2006-2007, the brand was being promoted more through flavour launch films.

The need was felt to do a theme commercial that would cut across masses. This is when the idea of the ‘Jugalbandi’ was born. The communication objective was to reiterate the brand proposition of ‘kaisee jeeb laplapayee’ in a refreshing way.

Another Funny ad by Center Fruit.

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