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Get Frightened !! and Laugh at the same time : The Revenant

I was browsing through a list of the most underrated Comedy/horror movies on the IMDB when I came across ‘The Revenant’, it was highly rated and I read some good reviews so I decided to give it a try.

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7 / 10 stars

The story starts off with Bart who was a soldier that was killed in Iraq, it begins with him awakening and crawling out of his grave site. Bart soon realises that he is some sort of Zombie and that he must drink blood to stop his body from decomposing, not wanting to harm the innocent, Bart and his best friend Joey go on a comical and sometimes hilarious adventure to tackle the cities criminals to get the blood he so badly needs.

Right from the start The Revenant gives us something original, a Revenant is a cross between a zombie and a vampire, some people may not like the idea of combining these two great iconic monsters, personally I think it worked very well. Before watching The Revenant I was half expecting some kind of Shaun of the Dead imitation, however I found The Revenant to be surprisingly original which almost equals the classic Shaun of the Dead in terms of comedy and shear entertainment.

The Revenant (2012) – Official Trailer [HD]

There is a great relationship and chemistry between best friends Bart and Joey, in fact it’s some of the best chemistry I have witnessed between two characters in a movie in some time, the dialog between the two is witty and well written and the characters really do feed well off each other. The relationships between the other characters in the movie are not as enjoyable or convincing, however the acting and dialog is solid throughout.

The effects and make up are decent, everything looks good including the gore and there is a nice eerie atmosphere throughout. There are a few dark and serious moments which are well done and they add a new level and depth to the film, however it’s the comedy which really makes this movie shine.

The Revenant is the best comedy horror movie I have seen since Shaun of the Dead, and one of the best comedies I have watched in the last few years. The Revenant also serves as a good horror movie providing a great atmosphere and some good tension and gore, It even gives us some original ideas including the creation of a new type of movie monster.

The Revenant is very entertaining and I will probably be watching it again very soon. Ai??This is D. Kerry Prior’s first time at directing a movie, and I think it’s a great start from him and I look forward to watching more of his work in the near future.

Image Credits : Lightning Entertainment

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