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Hilarious !! Top commercials Discovery says “BOOM de YADA”

The Top 5 Commercials of All Time

When it comes to the top commercials of all time, a majority of them come from the biggest night in advertising every year ai??i?? the Super Bowl. However, some of the very best ads are not from Super Bowl and have earned the honor without the help of record breaking numbers of TV watchers. Check out our list of the top 5 commercials of all time and see what makes up classic TV commercials.

Discovery Channel Ad

The Discovery Channel commercial featuring the song ai???I Love the Whole Worldai??? is hands down one of the best TV ads every made. The catchy tune goes through an array of aspects of the world that the singers appreciate from the clear blue skies to the giant squids. It truly gives you a fresh perspective on the many fascinating and lovable things about the planet. Even though this ad is over 5 years old, it is still one of the best.

Betty White Snickers Super Bowl Ad

The 2010 Super Bowl Ad featuring Betty White was an instant hit and remains a classic with the recognizable line ai???You’re not yourself when you’re hungryai???. Seeing the endearing senior citizen Betty White being tackled and taunted by teammates who call her Mike is confusing but sets up the gag. Mikeai??i??s girlfriend helps him get back to himself by giving him a Snickers candy bar. Longtime favorite actors featured in atypical situations are a classic for Super Bowl ads which strive for a laugh out loud response.

Terry Tate Office Linebacker

The Terry Tate Office Linebacker Super Bowl 2003 commercial is a hilarious unorthodox take on handling office problems. The linebacker Terry Tate is hired to tackle office employees who break the rules. Full of physical comedy, this ad deals with many of the pet peeves that we all endure and sometimes wish someone else would tackle. This Reebok commercial was deemed to be one of the most successful in history.

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Volkswagen The Force Super Bowl 2011

Featuring a little kid dressed as Darth Vader, this commercial brings a smile to every face. He tries out his ai???forceai??? on various things throughout the house to no success: the exercise machine, the washer and dryer and even the dog. But success is his when he tries the force on his dadai??i??s new car. His body language says it all when the car starts by itself, while Dad watches and uses his remote control starter to perform the necessary magic. The endearingly family dynamic and the wonder of childhood make this commercial a solid hit.

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When I Grow Up

The 1999 commercial entitled ai???When I Grow Upai??? propelled the Monster brand. It gave people incentive to reconsider their job and a solution for finding a new one. Combining the innocence of youth talking about what they want to be when they grow up and the answers being common complaints that people have with their jobs, makes for a commercial that hits home for many.

The key to a TV commercial that is a hit seems to be seizing on something that people can identify with. Appeal to the masses, throw the unexpected in there and watch magic happen.

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