Published On: Sun, Dec 4th, 2011

Hindi Comedy Movie : ChupChup Ke A hilarious Comedy By Priyadarshan Rajpal Yadav and Shaheed Kapoor

chup chup ke Hindi comedy movie 2006 rajpal yadav shaheed kapoor kareena kapoor

Chupchup ke , A hilarious Comedy .

Directors:Priyadarshan, Kookie V. Gulati

Writers:Priyadarshan (story), Neeraj Vora (dialogue)
Stars:Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor and Om Puri


Young Jeet lives with his father Jaidev Prashad and his sweetheart Pooja in the country. Once Jeet owes some insurance money to some village people but were unable to pay it. And as a result of this he decides to commit suicide but this was unsuccessful too since next morning he woke up in another area called Kolkata in a fisherman net called Gundya and his pal side way Bandiya. Jeet decides to pretend as if he was deaf and dumb in order to bump Gundya and Bandiya and escape. But this was unsuccessful too since he finds himself mortgage for Gundya’s boat at a rich man residence called Chauhan. There he was deemed a maid servant and suddenly reach up with Prabhat Singh’s beautiful and Pretty daughter Meenakshi and her dumb and deaf niece Shruti. All of a sudden Shruti falls in love with Jeet and her brother Mangal decides to get them married but his love at first Pooja came back into his life, she was made a widow before she could be married to Jeet who commits suicide but finds him alive and okay she decides to marry him but all had to be sacrifice and Jeet was made to marry the deaf and dumb girl Shruti



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