Published On: Sun, Dec 18th, 2011

Jalianwala Bagh Why Should I Loose Santa banta Punjabi Sardar Jokes

A Bearded Bengali and a Santa got into an Argument over which state had produced
more freedom fighters – Bengal or Punjab. They Decided that for every patriot
each named from his state, he would be entitled to pluck out a hair from the
others beard.

The Bengali opened the offensive with ‘Khudi Ram Bose’ and tweaked a hair from
the Santa’s beard. the Santa responded with ‘Bhagat singh’ and plucked one out
from Bengalis beard . And so it went painfully on , With bengali evidently
having endless list of Bengali nationalists up sleeve.

The Santa came to the end of the list. Then with great gusto he yelled ”
Jalianwala Bagh ” and yanked with Bengalis Beard of his chin.

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