Published On: Tue, Jan 10th, 2012

Jodi Breakers in Scandal Upcoming Hindi Comedy Movie

Jodi Breakers is New and Upcoming Bollywood Hindi Movie directed by Ashwini Chaudhary.

The film features Madhavan and Bipasha Basu in the leading roles and Omi Vaidya and Dipannita Sharma in supporting roles. Former title of the movie was “Shaadi fast forward” which was then changed to Jodi Breakers after team consultation.

 1 Jodi breakers Hindi comedy movie Upcoming movie R madhwan bipasha basu

Plot: The Movie is about Sid(Madhavan) and Sonali (Bipasha Basu) who are professional Breakup experts and run a breakup Company i.e. they get breakups done between couples without hassle . Breakup bole to … Divorce ya Kisi bhi relationship ka Successful THE END. That’s what “Jodi Breakers” is all about . Over all its  a cheeky entertainer which takes a peek- a -boo into dysfunctional romantic relationships that eventually lead to breakups. Pairing the vivacious and exciting actors Madhavan and Bipasha together for the first time, the film also stars Milind Soman and Deepanita Sharma along with the ever roguish Omi Vaidya and ever charming Helen .

2 Jodi breakers Hindi comedy movie Upcoming movie R madhawan bipasha basu


    Madhavan Aka Sid

    Bipasha Basu aka Sonali

    Omi Vaidya

    Dipannita Sharma

    Mrinalini Sharma

    Tarana Raja


    Pradeep Kharab

Kunwara Song | Jodi Breakers | R Madhavan


Jodi Breakers in Scandal before release:

Ashwini Chaudhary’s Bipasha Basu and Madhavan starrer Jodi Breakers is now in trouble. Vinay Choksi & Sanjay Ahluwalia, Producers of rascals filed a legal case in the High Court seeking to cease the movie.

Vinay Choksi & Sanjay Ahluwalia have averred that Ashwini’s storyline is similar to the story with their submitted version to Writer’s Association before Jodi Breakers was announced. Mumbai mirror was told by a friend of Choksi, “Choksi and Walia had a hunch that Jodi Breakers has the same plot as their story and they became sure after they saw the promos on National Television”

Mumbai Mirror has learnt that Choksi and Walia tried to resolve the issue. “But they got no reply from Prasar Visions Pvt Ltd, the producer of Jodi Breakers. Fed up with the production house, they approached the Court,” said their friend.

Director of Jodi Breakers, Ashwini Chaudhary revolted on the issue, “our story is original.Now a days ek trend ban gaya hai…accuse anybody and everybody after the promos released on air. We have had two hearings in the Court. The matter is under judiciary. The Court will resolve the issue.”

Bipasha Basu & R.Madhavan KISS in Jodi Breakers

Jodi breakers Hindi comedy movie Upcoming movie R madhawan bipasha basu

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