Published On: Sun, Jun 24th, 2012

“Kids in Adult Roles” Enjoy watching them in Flipkart ads Real funny

FlipKart even does great in Commercials  Excellent Creativity .

When It comes to TV commercials we seldom see real creative ads . After a long time I found a series of Ads a real visual treat . The online mega Store ” Flipkart ” Comes up with a real good taste in Advertisement with a new assertion made through a Series of Ads which manages to convince both Adults and Kids that the online mega store is Trust Worthy. If you have missed any of the funny series ,I would recommend take some time and enjoy the entertaining show.

Agency: Happy Creative Services Pvt. Ltd.
Production House: Foot Candles
Director: Aiyappa

flipkart ad kids enacting a real comedy

2 Kids sitting in a cafe doing online shopping as they were adults

Showing you three generations trusting over “Flipkart” whole family with generations are enacted by kids awesome

Kudos on this one , Husband promises to buy a gift for his wife with the money saved from Flipkart discounts. Kids have enacted so well specially the girl in the video , you will love it

These guys doing great with their kids theme , This time its office setup ,2 office mates talking about secure online shopping

Ha ha , well now they promote their replacement gurantee with a Husband wife setup , You gotta see it :D

2 Friends talking over online shopping in a parlour , I mean the way the ad is enacted you seem to forget sometimes that they are kids doing it … HATS off

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