Published On: Sat, Dec 17th, 2011

Mooch Wali Budhia Bole to Mast : Funny ads Series by Fevicol

I promise you will Laugh your Hearts OUT . Brilliant Comedy Series of Ads by Fevicol , I bet you have seen all , I am publishing most of them do view them and comment.
Hilarious Fevicol ” Permanent Mooch” Ad :Funny Memorable ‘Moochwali’ Fevicols 50th Anniversary Ad — The commercial shows the life journey of a young girl, who is shown getting dressed up by her family for a skit in their courtyard.

She is laying a male character, and is therefore, provided with the mandatory fake mustache to complete the look. From hereon, the girl is shown sporting the mustache, for the rest of her life. The inference, of course, is that the mustache was stuck on her face with the help of a little dab of Fevicol. So whether it is at her school, where her teacher is mildly shocked at her appearance, or at a distribution ceremony in her village, or even when she has grown older and poses in a studio for a picture with a cut-out male character (the photographer promptly interchanges the male cut-out with a female cut-out character, after seeing her mustache), she always sports the mustache. She is shown in various stages of her life; as a newly married bride, an eager mother, a middle aged woman, one nearing old age and the last, finally, on her death bed, all the while, sporting the mustache. Towards the end, as she breathes her last, the camera pans to show a nearby cubicle where a baby has just been born, albeit with a mustache, as a gesture towards the concept of reincarnation. The ad ends with the tag line of ’50 saal se champion. (a champion for 50 years)

Fevicol Alien came to earth to take away all humans by defying the laws of gravity but Fevicol saves them :)
Fevicol even works in you dreams , HOW??? you want see then see this ad ” Fevicol Vs Katrina Kaif who Wins?
Fevicoal and the Bus :) Try it on your vehicle if you exeed in nos :)
Funny Indian Ads :Fevicol Rajasthani AD Mend your kids and control them :)
Fevicol and Murgi :)
This ad is amazing Cyclist Ad of Fevicol
Fevicol Buffalo Ad


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