Published On: Sat, Jun 22nd, 2013

Music : The essence of Our Cinema ,the life of Movies

Silent movies are not all silence. If it is, it would be watching the paint dry. Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin is the king in the silent film era. His funny muted gestures and grotesque facial expressions made explosions of laughter in front of the black and white screen. When Charlie Chaplin is mentioned, everybody imagines him walking wobbly; sporting a tight coat, baggy pants, an oversized pair of shoes, a cane and a bowler hat with his famous toothbrush mustache. The background music makes the audience want to walk with him giddily like a Mexican jumping bean.

Image Credit : Wikimedia Commons

Tony Gatlif is an award-winning film maker who has a knack for finding musically-inclined gypsies. The soundtracks of his movies are performed by real gypsies. They even take part in the dance spectacles. Watching them is like in a trance: colorful skirts with jewels twirling, free flowing of alcohol, various kinds of musical instruments (from clapping to stomping to creating music from anything to holding instruments in an eccentric way), and laughter can be heard everywhere. It’s inevitable that gypsies have hard lives as well. The composition changes from upbeat to disheartening. The singer’s wail pierces the listener’s heart. But before you know it, the melody is full of life again. This is a party vagabond style.

Image Credits : Wikimedia Commons

Speaking of party, it’s not complete without big thumping speakers and of course, awesome music. Unlike Gatlif’s violin fiddling and guitar strumming, club’s weapon of choice is bass. It gives the party-goers energy until dawn or maybe after it if they’re not knocked out yet. If solar panels need the sun to run, due to the absence of sunlight, these people are fueled by bass. It’s true that speakers are vassals and bass is the source of energy. I have been to a street festival where there where stalls everywhere and concert stages in every corner. That downtown was like Rome’s Arena of Death where instead of gladiators, giant audio speakers were in the Coliseum.

As a child, music played a big role in our weekends. My Dad would play his ballroom dancing cassette tape medleys on Saturdays and my mom’s Karen Carpenter would resonate in our living room on Sundays. They both love music so they decided to let me learn a couple of instruments. I used to go to my tutor’s house early in the morning for my guitar lessons in the summer. I remember callus would peel off from the tips of my fingers and I had no other option but to bear the pain and continue practicing –just thinking about it makes me cringe. The piano was way easier than the guitar. It was also more convenient since the instructor came to our home instead. It’s not like my young and feeble body could carry the 300-pound instrument.

However,as I was growing up and became busy in the real world, even if music is ubiquitous, I seem to lose grasp of it. Not until I worked at Loopport, I was reunited with my first love. Furthermore, I came to a realization that everybody has his own soundtrack of their lives. I should add more tracks in mine. I’ll even mix my own grabbing some loops and beats from Looport so it’ll truly speak about me.

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