Published On: Wed, Dec 14th, 2011

Muze Ladkoin Mein Koi Interest Nahin Hai | A series of Funny ads by Virgin Mobiles

I reviewed Some of top Ads by Virgin Mobiles and I have listed the most funniest of them all , Take 5 mins and View them am sure you will love them , Do leave comments for the Ad which you think is Funniest :) …. Virgin Mobiles is going to gift you a Car if you will leave a nice comment ( Crap ) LOL …. Just Enjoy ;)

Dad Muze Ladkoin mein Koi Interest Nahin Hai , Funny Indian Commercials Ads

funny Indian Ads and commercials Virgin mobile1

Ranbir Kapoor trying to make friends with one Girl . Genelia and friends helping him.

Signal Thoda Nikal Paise :)

OOO thats Sexy Mahalingam !!!

Bahoot Khel Liya Romeo :)

Yo Yo Hot Nurse Could you Pick up the Phone

Tum Vakai Bade Filmy Ho #@$%$

Tumhari Nani Bimar Hai !!!!!

It will never Work …. Hilarious :D

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