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Nasreddin Hodja Jokes: Wife’s tears Equals Husbands Money

Tears and Money

“You don’t love me any more,” said Mulla Nasrudin’s wife through her tears. “When you see me crying, you never ask why.” “I am sorry, Darling,” said Nasrudin, “BUT THAT SORT OF QUESTION HAS ALREADY COST ME AN AWFUL LOT OF MONEY.”


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Where is your Father ?

The hay wagon had upset in the road and the young driver, Mulla Nasreddin Hodja, was terribly worried about it. A kindhearted farmer told the young fellow to forget his troubles and come in and have some supper with his family. “Then we will straighten up the wagon,” the farmer said. The Mulla said he didn’t think his father would like it. “Oh, don’t worry about that,” said the farmer. “Everything will be all right.” So Nasruddin stayed for supper. Afterwards he said he felt better and thanked the farmer. “But,” he said, “I still don’t think my father will like it.” “Forget it,” said the farmer. “By the way,” he added, “Where is your father?” “He’s under the hay!” said Nasreddin Hodja.


Nasruddin Became Catholic

Mulla Nasreddin Hodja was getting ready to apply to a local department store for a job. A friend told him that it was the policy of the store to hire nobody but Catholic Christians, and that if he wanted a job there, he would have to lie about being a Catholic Christian. Nasruddin applied for the job and the personnel man asked him the usual questions. Then he said to the Mulla, “And what church do you belong to?” “I am a Catholic,” said Nasrudin. “And all my family are Catholics. IN FACT, MY FATHER IS A PRIEST AND MY MOTHER IS A NUN, SIR.”


Company Went busted

Mulla Nasreddin Hodja was applying for a job. “Does the company pay for my hospitalization?” he asked. “No, you pay for it,” the personnel director said. “We take it out of your salary each month.” “The last place I worked, they paid for it,” said the Mulla. “That’s unusual,” the personnel man said. “How much vacation did you get?” “Six weeks,” replied the Mulla. “Did you get a bonus?” the personnel man asked. “Yes,” said the Mulla. “Not only that, they gave us an annual bonus, sent us a turkey on Thanksgiving, gave us the use of a company car and threw a big barbecue for us each year.” “Why did you leave?” asked the personnel director. “THEY WENT BUSTED,” said Nasruddin.


Where is the driver?

Mulla Nasreddin Hodja got on a double-decker bus and climbed to the upper deck. A few minutes later, he staggered down the steps, muttering to himself. “Is anything the matter?” asked the driver. “IT AIN’T SAFE UP THERE,” said Nasrudin. “NO DRIVER.”


Mullah dint Notice

Mulla Nasreddin Hodja and his wife were arguing. “I was a fool when I married you,” said the wife. “I GUESS YOU WERE,” replied Nasruddin, “BUT I WAS SO INFATUATED AT THE TIME, I DIDN’T NOTICE IT.”


How much he left

The town’s richest man had died. The next morning, another rich, and particularly miserly, old man said to Mulla Nasreddin Hodja, “I wonder how much he left.” Mulla Nasrudin laughed and said, “EVERY CENT OF IT, SIR.”


Don’t blame government

Mulla Nasreddin Hodja used to say: “Every man should have at least one wife, because there are something’s that just can’t be blamed on the government.”


I need a change

Mulla Nasrudin had just checked into the hotel. “Welcome,” said the clerk at the desk. “We want you to know you are welcome. We are going to do everything we can to make you comfortable and help you to feel at home.” “PLEASE DON’T,” said the Mulla. “I LEFT HOME SO I COULD FIND A CHANGE. FOR THE NEXT FEW DAYS I WANT TO FEEL AS IF I AM AT A BEACH RESORT.”


Nasruddin offered work

The lady said to Mulla Nasreddin Hodja at the door, “Have you ever been offered work?” “Only once Lady,” said Nasruddin. “Aside from that, I HAVE MET WITH NOTHING BUT KINDNESS.”


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