Published On: Mon, Jun 25th, 2012

One Man Army Raju Srivastava, alone adds all spices to FilmFare award ceremony

Well rightly said “Bas Nam Hi Kafi Hai” , Raju Srivastava a man of enormous talent. His comic timing is absolutely “Bole to Mast”

Raju is getting hell lot of popularity and he gratifyingly deserves it .


Raju at 2007 Flim Fare awards describes differences between classic old calenders and modern new calenders , He comically demonstrates pictures of each months as showcased by the sexy models in the calender , This mockery is actually based on the “Kingfisher hot calenders” which is specially shot in wild environment with selective models.

 Filmfare Award – 1

 film fare award 2

film fare award 3

film fare award 4

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