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Round the Earth !! Akbar and Birbal Stories in Hindi : Akbar Birbal Jokes

As usual a lot of people were present in Akbar’s durbar.A famous astrologer had come from a far away country. finpecia from india online, finpecia from india online, finpecia from india online, finpecia from india online, finpecia from india online, finpecia from india online. akbar and birbal Stories in Hindi Akbar birbal jokes 2

He was talking about the Solar System and the Earth’s shape.
At one point Akbar said, “If the earth is round, and if one travel strait towards one direction, he will come back to the same spot from where he has started the journey.”
“Theoretically it is correct”, said the astrologer.
“Why not in real life?”, asked the king.
“One has to cross oceans, mountains and forests to keep the path straight.” the astrologer said.
“Sail through the oceans, make tunnels in the mountains and use elephants to cross the forests.” Akbar found the solution.
“Still it is impossible” said the astrologer.
“Why?” Asked Akbar.
“It may take years to complete the whole journey” said the astrologer
“Years? How many?” asked Akbar.
“I don’t know. May be a hundred years or more” said the astrologer
“Don’t worry I will ask my ministers. They have an answer for everything” Akbar looked at the ministers.
“Impossible to calculate”
“Around 25 years”
“Fifty years or less”
“80 days”
“Why Birbal, you haven’t uttered a word” the king showed his surprise at Birbal’s silence.
“I was just calculating the time required to go round the earth” explained Birbal.
“And did you get the answer?” asked the king.
“Sure.” Said Birbal “It will take just one day.”
“Just one day! Birbal it is Impossible! Even it will take more than one day to cross our country.” Said Akbar.
“It is possible. Provided you travel at the speed of the Sun” said Birbal with a smile.


Birbal was one of the nine gems in the court of emperor Akbar.

He was respected by everyone for his intelligence and wit. Whenever Akbar was in difficulty, he called Birbal for help.
Akbar was very fond of jewellery. He had many rings of gold, pearls and diamonds. His favourite ring was the one with a large diamond at the centre and pearls around.
At the emperorai??i??s palace, there were eight servants who looked after his clothes and jewellery. They also helped him get ready to go to the court. No one else was allowed to enter his room.
One day, the Emperor wanted to wear his favourite ring. But it was missing. Akbar ordered a search for the ring. But no one could find it.
Akbar then asked his men to call Birbal. When Birbal came, he told him about the robbery and asked for help. Birbal called all the eight servants who were in charge of the Emperorai??i??s room.
He gave each of them a stick of the same size and asked them to come back with it the next day. He told them that the stick of the person who had stolen the ring would become longer by one inch that night.
The next morning, the eight servants stood in a line with their sticks. Birbal caught hold of one of them and took him to Akbar.
The man fell at Akbarai??i??s feet and admitted that he had stolen the ring.
The king was surprised. He asked Birbal how he found out the culprit. Birbal said the thief had cut his stick by an inch fearing that it would grow.


Mahesh Das was a citizen in Akbarai??i?? kingdom. He was an intelligent young man. Once when Akbar went hunting in the jungle, he lost his way. Mahesh Das who lived in the outskirts helped the king reach the palace. The emperor rewarded him with his ring.
The Emperor also promised to give him a responsible posting at his court. After a few days Mahesh Das went to the court. The guard did not allow him to enter. Mahesh Das showed the guard the ring which the king had given him. Now the guard thought that the young man was sure to get more rewards by the king. The greedy guard agreed to allow him inside the court on one condition. It was that Mahesh Das had to pay him half the reward he would get from the Emperor. Mahesh Das accepted the condition. He then entered the court and showed the ring to the King. The King who recognized Mahesh asked him “Oh young man! What do you expect as a reward from the King of Hindustan?” “Majesty! I expect 50 lashes from you as a reward.” replied Mahesh Das. The courtiers were stunned. They thought that he was mad. Akbar pondered over his request and asked him the reason. Mahesh Das said he would tell him the reason after receiving his reward. Then the kingai??i??s men whipped him as per his wish. After the 25th lash Mahesh Das requested the King to call the guard who was at the gate. The guard appeared before the King. He was happy at the thought that he was called to be rewarded. But to his surprise, Mahesh Das told the King ,”Jahampana! This greedy guard let me inside on condition that I pay him half the reward I receive from you. I wanted to teach him a lesson. Please give the remaining 25 lashes to this guard so that I can keep my promise to him.”
The King then ordered that the guard be given 25 lashes along with 5 years of imprisonment. The King was very happy with Mahesh Das. He called him ‘RAJA BIRBAL’ and made him his chief minister.

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