Published On: Mon, Apr 2nd, 2012

Satte Pe Satta a Hindi Comedy Blast by BIG B

Review: This Movie had a real Comic taste , The script was woven between 7 brothers who live in savages and earn their living farming in obsolete village , the movie is a comic representation of their Savage life style , ill mannered dirty foul smelling folk’s who hate water i.e. to bath and are continually fighting with each other over meek issues . Anyhow movie takes a swift turn when all 7 fall in love with few girls who came to village for site seeing and they try to become civilized.

Satte pe Satta Amitabh Bacchan’s Comedy Milestone , A tipical movie inspired from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Satte pe satta Amitabh bacchan

Satte Pe Satta is the story of seven brothers living on a large farmhouse. The first half of the movie shows the life of the brothers who grew up under the helm of their oldest brother Ravi (Amitabh Bachchan). Parentless and lacking basic human manners, these young adults who are also misogynists sustain their livelihood by farming. A sequence of events leads Ravi to fall in love with a nurse named Indu (Hema Malini) whom he eventually marries. The remaining six brothers learn to adjust with new woman in their lives as she does with them, trying to civilize them. Soon enough, they all fall in love with a group of six women (and the feeling is mutual) and shortly things take a turn.
satte-pe-satta-all seven brothers
The group of women is a caring troupe for a physically challenged girl named Seema Singh (Ranjeeta) who is still single. She happens to be Ranjit Singh’s (Amjad Khan) niece. Since the niece has recently turned twenty one, the uncle wants the niece dead so that he can claim all her wealth. The following part of the movie involves plots by Ranjit Singh to kill his niece, which involve the use of Ravi’s look-alike Babu (played again by Amitabh Bachchan) and replacing Ravi with Babu. The brothers come to Ravi’s aid once he is kidnapped and replaced by Babu.

satte pe satta hema malini Cast:
Actor/Actress     Character/Role
Amitabh Bachchan     Ravi Anand/Babu
Hema Malini     Indu R. Anand
Sudhir     Shom Anand
Shakti Kapoor     Mangal Anand
Gufi Paintal     Budh Anand
Kanwaljit Singh     Guru Anand     as Kanwaljeet
Inderjeet     Shukar Anand
Sachin     Shani Anand
Ranjeeta Kaur     Seema Singh
Vijayendra Ghatge     Shekhar     Ravi’s friend
Sarika     Sheela
Goga Kapoor     Drunk in bar
Amjad Khan     Ranjit Singh
Mac Mohan     Ranjit’s Henchman
Kalpana Iyer     Ranjit’s assistant
Prema Narayan     Mangal’s girlfriend
Madhu Malhotra     Budh’s girlfriend
Asha Sachdev     Guru’s girlfriend
Aradhana     Shukar’s girlfriend
Manmauji     Hospital watchman
Kader Khan     Narrator

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