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Seeta aur Geeta 1972 A Hindi Comedy Classic Flick watch online


Seeta is ill treated by her cruel aunt Kaushalya. Fed up with her atrocities, one day Seeta leaves the house and runs into Raka. Meanwhile, her look-alike, Geeta, is apprehended by the police and brought to Kaushalya. Geeta, unlike Seeta, is unafraid and soon assumes control of the house. But as fate could have it, Geeta’s cover is blown and she is arrested for impersonation. Seeta, in the meantime, is unable to meet life’s harsh demands, including dancing in the street, as was Geeta and Raka’s profession. As Geeta is got rid off, Kaushalya locates Seeta and brings her back to her life of mute slavery, abuse, and confinement.

Seeta aur Geeta was Identical Twin Comic Story played by Hema Malini , One of the Most popular movies by Ramesh Sippy

Seeta-Aur-Geeta-1972 Hema Malini


The story is by Salim-Javed and the music by R.D. Burman.

The story is about identical twins (played by Hema Malini) who are separated at birth and grow up with different temperaments. The twins then swap places (like The Prince and the Pauper). Hema’s two partners in the movie are played by Dharmendra and Sanjeev Kumar. Manorama plays the evil aunt who changes her tune after her arm is twisted (literally). Furthermore, Hema Malini was noted for the novelty of her role as Geeta where she is rambunctious and sometimes violent.

Seeta-Aur-Geeta-1972 Hema Malini 2

This theme has been repeated in other movies before and after. A prior movie on this theme was Ram Aur Shyam starring Dilip Kumar in the leading dual role. Subsequent Hindi remakes of the story have been made, including Jaise Ko Taisa starring Jeetendra, Chaalbaaz starring Sridevi and Kishen Kanhaiya starring Anil Kapoor in the dual role(s). Remakes in other languages include the Telugu film Ganga Manga (1973) starring Vanisri in the dual role.


Hema Malini won her only competitive Filmfare Best Actress Award of her career. P. Vaikunth won the Filmfare Best Cinematographer Award.


Seeta and Geeta (Hema Malini-dual role) are twin girls who were separated at birth. Geeta, a feisty girl is raised in a poor neighborhood and is a street performer, while Seeta is raised by her cruel aunt Chachi (Manorama) and meek uncle. Chachi treats Seeta like a servant, despite the fact that the family is living off her late parents’ money. Seeta’s only consolation is her old grandmother.

Seeta-Aur-Geeta-1972 manorama 1


One day, Seeta decided life is not worth living and runs away to commit suicide. She is saved but is mistaken for her identical twin Geeta and is taken to Geeta’s home. Meanwhile, Seeta’s aunt and uncle are frantically searching for her and find Geeta. They attempt to force Geeta to go with them but, using some of her clever tricks, she escapes them and the police who have been searching for her. She then meets Ravi (Sanjeev Kumar) and, though he also mistakes her for Seeta, she goes home with him. Ravi is surprised by this “Seeta” and the Seeta he had met previously. Geeta realizes the cruelty that Seeta has been living under and vows to teach her aunt a lesson.

Seeta-Aur-Geeta-1972 Hema Malini and Dharmendra

Meanwhile, the real Seeta is living in Geeta’s house. Her surrogate mother has attributed her new docile attitude to shock. Here, Seeta meets Raka (Dharmendra), Geeta’s friend and fellow performer. Raka is also surprised by “Geeta’s” sudden gentle nature and desire to do housework. When he tried to coax her into performing, she is unable to do so. Ravi meanwhile falls in love with Geeta. At home, Geeta begins to set everything on a proper course. She resumes control of the money and restores her grandmother to the head of the household, where she belongs. Raka begins to fall in love with Seeta. Trouble begins brewing when Chachi’s brother Ranjeet comes to visit and sees the real Seeta in a marketplace. He follows her and discovers the truth, which leads to a showdown in the villains’ den with happy endings and marriage.

 Seeta-Aur-Geeta-1972 dharmendra 1


Dharmendra … Raka
Sanjeev Kumar … Ravi
Hema Malini … Seeta / Geeta
Manorama … Kaushalya
Pratima Devi … Dadi Ma (Grandmother) (as Protima Devi)
Satyendra Kapoor … Badrinath (as Satyandra Kappu)
Kamal Kapoor … Ravi’s Father
Ratnamala … Ravi’s Mother
Radhika Rani … Leela (Geeta’s Foster Mother)
Honey Irani … Sheila
Dev Kishan … House Servant (as Dev Kisan)
Alankar Joshi … Kaushalya’s Son (as Master Alankar)
Roopesh Kumar … Ranjeet
Keshav Rana … Inspector Rana
Mushtaq Merchant


Ramesh Sippy

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