Published On: Sat, Dec 3rd, 2011

Short Funny Stories for Kids : Sheeroo The Careless Listerner


Sheroo was rushing over to class when he heard something that made him slow down on his tracks. It was the discussion in the staff room. Something about a test… oh, that dreaded word! Ha, it was Geography Sir and Maths Sir having a discussion! Sheroo was in a hurry but he managed to hear a bit.

“Test… tough… tiger… numbers…” Sheroo ran to tell his classmates this important news. “Guys, we’re having a surprise geography test today,” he announced. There were groans from every corner of the classroom. “Are you sure, man? You never listen properly…” complained Pankaj. Sheroo was indignant. “I heard properly only. I heard something about tigers and numbers… I bet it’s about the tiger conservation project! Only 1411 tigers left…what more do we know about it?”

“SachinTendulkar comes in the ad!” contributed Pankaj. “What else?” asked Nina worriedly. Twenty one heads were soon bent over the textbook, trying to study about every place on earth where tigers were found. When the bell rang, they took out their pens and papers, waiting for Ram Sir. As soon as he came in, he said, “We’ll read about the different types of clouds today!”

“What about the test, Sir?” asked Dilip.

“What test?” he asked in surprise.

Ram Sir started writing on the blackboard. Cirrus and cumulus clouds full of doubts were floating everywhere in the classroom.

In Maths class, Gopi Sir announced a surprise test! He looked at the wide eyes and open mouths. “Come on, the test is tough,
but I told Ram Sir that you’re all tigers in numbers! So prove it!” he said cheerfully. Twenty one pairs of eyes fixed their glares on
Sheroo and the collective power of it made him cringe.

Sheroo was not in a great mood as he trudged* back home. He dropped his bag on the sofa, looked into the fridge before shutting it with a bang and went off to wash his face. His mother called out from the kitchen: “I’ve kept milk on the table. Drink it before it gets cold. And don’t shut the fridge like that. See how it shakes!”

Sheroo came after a while and called out cheerfully, “Ma, where is the cold milkshake you’ve kept for me?”

Tina giggled and Dad laughed out aloud.

“What’s so funny?” demanded Sheroo.

“Nothing. Drink up your milk!” said Dad.

Sheroo shook his head in despair.

“I’m going for skating. I need a break!” said Sheroo.

As he took out his skates and headed out, he heard Tina talking to Dad.

“Competition… Sunday… Skating… Raji Aunty… details…”

“Tina didn’t tell me about it. Dad didn’t tell either. How mean!” thought Sheroo. But he knew whom to talk to, of course. He went
over to Raji Aunty’s house.

“Aunty, I heard about the competition on Sunday…um, skating…” began Sheroo.

Raji Aunty’s face lit up. “Yes, yes. Are you interested, boy? Did your sister tell you?” she asked. After noting down his name, she
asked him to come to Jeevan Park at nine o’ clock sharp.

“OK, what about the material for the competition?” she asked. Sheroo pointed to his skates. “These are brand new ones!”
he said proudly. Raji Aunty stared at him morosely.

“Um, wait. I’ll give you some material. Prepare a speech for 3 minutes,” she said, handing over a sheaf of papers.

It was Sheroo’s turn to be confused. Before he could ask anything else, the telephone rang and she became busy.
“’How to concentrate effectively while roller skating’,” Sheroo read from the paper. How boring! He stifl ed a yawn as he
wondered why anybody would prepare a speech in a roller skating contest. Should all the contestants read it before or after
the event?

On the day of the competition, Sheroo woke up late and rushed over to the park. He went to Raji Aunty and asked her when
it was his turn. “Next!” she whispered. He saw Tina and Dad sitting not far away. He watched a boy talking about the safety
measures in roller skating. “Has he finished his skating performance?” wondered Sheroo.

He hurriedly strapped on his skates. Raji Aunty looked at him, her mouth open.

“What are you doing?” she demanded angrily. “Remove it at once!” she ordered.

Sheroo glared at her. But there was no time to argue – he sailed over on his skates smoothly and began his speech as he skated
round and round in front of the judges. Raji Aunty was trying to pull him away all the time and Sheroo was really annoyed.

Finally, when he returned to the place where Raji Aunty stood, he was surprised to see that her cheeks had turned a deep
shade of purple. “Why were you playing the fool by skating around in an oratorical competition?” she hissed* fi ercely. Sheroo
sat down on a bench and tried not to look at all the kids staring at him as if he’d just been released from the zoo.

But surprise! The judges were full of praise for Sheroo. “It’s usual for kids to talk about a topic. But this boy here actually
performed while talking… Bravo!” Sheroo grinned happily as he held the trophy.

“Fate gave him the prize!” Dad laughed when they all got home. Sheroo, who was in the kitchen, called out at once, “You’re right
Dad… my skates were of the right size!”

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