Published On: Sat, Dec 3rd, 2011

Surendra Sharma Hasya Kavi | Famous Kavi who never Laugh’s

Surender Sharma is a popular Hindi poet and humorist, who usually writing comic sketches of himself and his wife.
He originally belongs to village Nangal Chaudhary Mahendragarh district, Haryana and has made a very good contribution to Haryanvi comic poetry. He sometimes uses the Marwari language for his humour as well. His famous starting line for many of his poems is chaar lainaa suna raha hoon which means I am going to say four lines when translated, and the poker faced alter ago Kaadu, which he used while performing his comedy material in the Kavi sammelan circuit.

In the Hindi speaking states of India, the face of Surender Sharma – the straight faced, glum looking poet – is so famous that it will spring to your mind if you think of jokes or comic poetry. Surender Sharma is also very well known in the literary circles in India. He is known to have caused many a laugh riots and an amazing fact about him is that he himself seldom laughs and maintains a straight face even when telling the most hilarious jokes. This demeanour is particularly liked by a lot of people, who find it very amusing.

He lives in New Delhi. In 2004, FM radio station Red FM 93.5, started a daily show featuring Surendra Sharma, titled, Sharmaji Se Poocho (Ask Mr. Sharma), which he gave humorous answers to callers questions.



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