Published On: Thu, Dec 8th, 2011

Watch Hindi Comedy Movies Online : Half Ticket Watch online for free

Watch Half Ticket Movie Online

Watch Half Ticket movie online starring Kishore Kumar, Madhubala, Pran, Shammi, Helen, Manorama, Moni Chatterjee, Narbada Shankar, Mirajkar, Tun Tun, Poonam, Lalita Kapoor, Anil Kumar, Nabo Kumar, Dilip, Sailen Bose, Arun Ghosh, Nazir Kashmiri, Kirit Vyas, B R Kapoor, Robin Kumar, Mirza Musharraf, Pradeep Kumar.
Plot :

The Jabalpur-based Chand family consists of widower Lal and two sons, the elder is married, while the younger, Vijay, is a little bit eccentric, refuses to get married and gets to be a thorn in his father’s side so much so that he is asked to leave. Not having enough money to travel by train to Bombay, Vijay dons the garb of a 12-year old, and with a help of a mysterious man, Rajababu, who calls himself his paternal uncle, reaches Bombay. He bumbles his way from job to job until he finds one as a Salesman in an electronic store that specializes in radios and tape-recorders.

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He meets with and falls in love with Rajnidevi alias Asha, and both want to get married. Vijay and Asha are about to get married when their lives are turned upside down by a woman named Lily, who claims she is Vijay’s wife. Unable to convince Asha, Vijay is taken by Lily and Raja to a mental asylum – where he may end up spending the rest of his life, leaving unanswered a number of questions as to who are Rajababu and Lily, and why they have picked Vijay to be their victim?

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